In memoriam Béla Nagy

Béla Nagy the owner director of the Met-Na Kft has died on the 11th of November 2011 in the daybreak

He was born in 1954 in Veszkény. He got his turner skilled worker certificate in 1971 at the Industrial school in Kapuvár. After that he got his school leaving certificate in 1973 at the Grammar school in Csorna. After he finished with his studies he has worked in Kapuvár at the Rába Magyar Vagon- és Gépgyár factory between 1971 and 1981. After that he continues his career in Szárföld at the Mezőgépgyár plant until 1986. After 1984 he became to an artisan lathe worker in a part-time job. His trade ability and his big confidence gave him the courage to organize his living alone at his own site. After 1986 he bacame to a private entrepreneur. In 1990 he got the honour of excellent craftsman of the trade. The continously orders of the Mezőgép company assured the grown of his company and assured for him to became a full-time worker. After this there was a big changing when the whole hungarian industry have breaked down. After the change of regime foreign investors has came into the country. So the hungarian industry could revived fastly. His new customers was the German companies which came into the country and the Rába Rt. too. The actual company form the Met-Na Kft. was founded in 1997. Under his control until 2011 the number of the employees growth up to 120 persons. The ground-space have growth up to 7000m2 in 2001.

Out of his business relationships he was the recognized person of the Rábaköz area, of the County Chamber of Commercial and Idustry, of the County handicraft. He gave the living for more than 100 families in the Rábaköz in his well operated plant.

Béla Nagy has became from a skilled worker to the engine of the family business. He made a great life-work. His social responsible undertaking was examplar over his economical activity too. His career could been an example for evry peoples for evry young skilled worker. Ha was a chamber member since 1994. He kept the relationship with the members of the handicraft classes with the organisation of free time activities and trade activities. There was always experiences which they could discuss together. He was a responsible manager. He took a membership at the handicraft class as a chairman member. He organised and sponsored many Chamber programs and trips too.

Béla Nagy was not only a Veszkény borned residenter he was a great provincialist too during over his life. In his native village he sponsored the local primary school, the nursery, the sport activities, the cultural life, the choral and the church too. Furthermore he sponsored the full costs of the Veszkény history book publishing. During his relatively short life he was created a huge. He hold the peoples dear. His company ensured the living for much families and will ensure in the furute too. During his far-reaching relationships many peoples from the farther areas have knew him and they hoped that he will recover from his illness.

Béla Nagy brang 2 childrends up as a married, familiar father. His son is managing further the company of them.

Let us cherish his memory in our heart.