Production of automotive and mechanical parts, metalworking, surface treatment, manufacturing of equipment



Since 2006, our company has undertaken the training of skilled workers (cutter, machine fitter, mechatronics and maintenance jobs) within the framework of dual training, in cooperation with the regional training centres.

Quality policy

Quality policy

Quality has been a determining factor for generations of workers in metal cutting at MET-NA Kft., since quality is the most useful and most effective means of acquiring customers, as well as gaining, retaining and expanding the market.



MET-NA Kft. owns two trucks, which are available at all times to meet any need for domestic transport. This assists meeting the needs of flexibility and timely delivery.

About us

Our company was established in 1986, as the part-time company of Béla Nagy. At that time,
the machinery and automotive parts machined by the company satisfied the demands and
needs of Mezőgép companies and those of the population. Since orders from Mezőgép were
received continuously, the entrepreneur’s company in Veszkény was able to be developing,
and it finally became possible for the entrepreneur to work full-time. Then there was a change
when not only Mezőgép, but virtually the entire industry in Hungary collapsed. After the
change of regime, foreign investors flowed into the country, and the industry in Hungary
quickly recovered. Our new customers are German companies that were moved into the
country, and the factory of Rába Rt.

The stability of the company is shown by the fact that it was registered at the Court of
Registration in Győr-Moson-Sopron County, and since 1997 it has been operating as MET-
NA Limited Liability Company. 100% of the company is owned by the Nagy family.

As a result of the broadening relations and increasing orders, the site located at the family
house proved to be too small. The construction of the new site was a huge task. After several
years of preparatory work, the construction in Mező street started in 2002. The new 1100 m 2
production hall was opened for production in June 2003. In the same month, production
started in the modern production hall. Reliability, flexibility and adaptability to customer
requirements, as well as timely delivery are our priorities. From the start, our company has
had great emphasis on the high quality of the products, and on achieving customer


In order to ensure high quality and to remain competitive, in June 2002 we acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification. This was a big step in the process of being able to be a supplier of large international enterprises.

Since 1994, our company has been a member of the Craft Section of the Chamber of Commerce in Győr-Moson-Sopron County. Contact with the members of the Section is maintained by organizing trips, other programs and personal meetings, during which we help each other’s work by exchanging professional work experience. We would like to note here, that chamber member companies or individuals are offered a 5% discount when purchasing our self-produced automotive parts.



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