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In memoriam Béla Nagy

He was born in 1954 at Veszkény. He received his vocational training certificate in metal cutting at the Vocational Secondary School at Kapuvár in 1971, and then in 1973 he graduated at the Grammar School in Csorna. After completing his studies, from 1981 to 1981, he worked at the factory unit of the company named Rába Magyar Vagon- és Gépgyár (Rába Hungarian Wagon and Machine Factory) at that time. Until 1986, in possession of excellent professional experience, he continued his career at the workshop of Mezőgépgyár located at Szárföld. In 1984, he started to work part-time as a lathe-operator entrepreneur. His professional skills paired with high self-confidence offered enough courage to organize his further professional career and living independently, at his own workshop. In 1986, he became an entrepreneur full-time. In 1990, he was awarded the title of “Excellent Master of the Profession”. Orders from Mezőgép were received continuously, assuring the development of the company, and allowing him to finally work as an entrepreneur full-time. Then there was a change when not only Mezőgép, but virtually the entire industry in Hungary collapsed. After the change of regime, foreign investors flowed into the country, and the Hungarian entrepreneur quickly found his way. His new customers became the German companies moving into the country, and the factory of Rába Rt. The current company form was established in 1997, when MET-NA Kft was founded. Under his careful management, the company grew to have 120 employees by 2011, and the floor area was expanded to 7,000 m2 with a new addition in 2001.

In addition to his business relationships, he was also a recognized and respected person in the Rábaköz area, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as in the artisan community of the county. The jobs he created at his exemplary (both in terms of development and operation) plant provided income for more than one hundred families in the Rábaköz area. During his life, Béla Nagy grew from a skilled worker into the driving force of a middle-sized family business. The life work he created is outstanding. In addition to the economic activities, his level of social responsibility is exemplary, too. His career serves as an example to all persons, and all young skilled workers as well. He was actively engaged as a chamber member starting in 1994. He maintained contact with the Crafts Section members by organizing leisure and professional programs. There was always a lot of experience to share. He was a responsible company manager. As a highly active altruistic person willing to work for the community, he also accepted the social function of the Crafts Section’s board member. He not only organized, but also sponsored several Chamber events and professional trips.


Béla Nagy, the owner and managing director of MET-NA Kft., passed away in October 2011.


Béla Nagy, as a Veszkény-born resident - in addition to founding a company - was also a local patriot throughout his life. In his beloved native village, he provided substantial financial support to the local elementary school and kindergarten, the sports club, cultural events, the choir, and the church. Last but not least, he also assumed the full cost of publishing a book on the history of Veszkény. His achievements during such relatively short life are extraordinary. He loved people, and he was very passionate about his native village.

His company provided livelihood for many families, and will continue to do the same in the future as well. Due to his expansive human relationships, he was not only well-known in the Rábaköz area, but at more distant places as well, and not only his closest colleagues, but business partners at more remote parts of the county hoped for his recovery. Béla Nagy was a married man, the father of two children; his son carries on the company's management.

He will live forever in our hearts.

The news of his death shocked everyone who knew and loved him.



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