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Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality has been the determining factor for generations of workers in metal cutting at MET-NA Kft., since quality is the most useful and most effective means of acquiring customers, as well as gaining, retaining and expanding the market.

We are committed to quality work, as well as continuous improvement that actively support environmental protection.

Our metalworking activities are carried out in compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and corporate standards, and they also fulfil the quality and environmental requirements, which are constantly monitored.

In the course of performing our services, we consider it an important task to optimize the use of natural resources, to minimize waste generation, and to prevent unnecessary pollution of the environment.

We will ensure that our Quality and Environmental Policy is understood and accepted at all levels of our company, and is made available to our partners and stakeholders as well.
At the same time, we strive to achieve that high quality work, the protection of the environment, initiatives aimed at development and the improvement of the quality and the environmental management system all become natural for our employees - in order to ensure these, all the necessary conditions are provided.


  1. clear organizational structure and task assignment,
  2. decision levels clearly assigned,
  3. corresponding sense of self-reliance and ownership,
  4. state-of-the-art equipment necessary for high quality work (including both manufacturing devices, as well as logistics and information technology tools)
  5. appropriate work environment
  6. continuous professional education and further training.

Our supplier partners are also expected to be committed to quality and environmental protection, because it is necessary for us to comply with the mandatory requirements.

Every employee of our company has the personal knowledge, responsibility and commitment to our policy required to serve our customers’ needs and environmental protection expectations - and through all the above, the company's good reputation and business success.



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