Production of automotive and mechanical parts, metalworking, surface treatment, manufacturing of equipment


Our staff consists of skilled cutters, technologists, CNC machine operators, machine fitters, mechanical engineers and QA engineers.

Our company recognized the deficiencies of vocational training in the region, and therefore, since 2006, we have participated in the training of skilled workers (cutter, fitter, mechatronics and maintenance fields) in cooperation with the training centres in the region, within the framework of dual training.

In the academic year 2018-2019, our company started a class for 9 persons to cover such deficiencies. During the summer school break in 2018, our company was engaged in training 14 students.

Our training covers knowledge from the basics of the machining profession to the control, programming and operation of CNC machines, or the use of measuring instruments.

Further training for the management.


Further training

We provide further training for our colleagues on a continuous basis, which is carried out by external professional trainers (e.g.: in the area of quality systems, MSA, SPC, FMEA)

Our goal is to ensure our competitiveness and to serve our customers at the highest possible level by keeping our knowledge up-to-date.

This requires that our team has a youthful spirit and open to the continuous development and lifelong learning.





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